Friday, September 4, 2009

If I played games at work, I'd probably be fired. I need to get one of these jobs!

Solitaire-Playing Lawmakers Draw Criticism

Tom Foley is calling for a ban on Blackberries and laptops during sessions of the Connecticut House & Senate.  I agree that people should not be playing computer games or texting their BFF while they are supposed to be MAKING LAWS for the rest of the state to follow.

Banning PDA's and laptops?  This is not the answer to the problem.  This is just more of the same pathetic argument that people have no control over their own destiny and are powerless to the influence of Blackberries and video games (sounds a lot like the anti-gun people....ugh).

Don't blame the object.  Blame the person for their behavior and take appropriate action.

Banning objects is almost always the argument of mental midgets (little people if you want me to be PC).

It is a poor craftsman that blames his tools
I'm still trying to figure out how any of these "gamers" stay in office.  I have an idea.  If you are going to go all ban crazy (can't resist the urge to ban?) on something, ban these hacks from the legislature.

Also, please ban "slap-wrist" bracelets in the legislature.  I heard that some of the state senators have been giving each other "red marks" on their wrists.

According to the NBC poll "we" are 84% furious about this.  I hope the people of CT do something about these shitbirds.  To the other 16%,  I think the "Price is Right" is about to be airing on CBS don't miss it!

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