Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fifth Third Bank is run by criminals.

"$160.00 in fees for an overdraft of $4.67?  You can close my accounts here.  Good-day."

Fifth Third Bank charged me $33.00 in overdraft fees a day!  This wasn't from multiple transactions, just one.  It added up to over $160.00 in fees.  The fact that they think this practice is OK disgusts me.  I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one this has happened to. 

Maybe I should keep more in my checking and less elsewhere, but this is ridiculous.  Eight years without a problem and they rape me the first chance they get. Caroline from Fifth Third Bank basically said it was my punishment for not signing up for overdraft protection...

The Mafia is lighter on fees than Fifth Third Bank, seriously.

Fifth Third Bank is run by thieves, but is there any bank that isn't?  No?  Maybe there's a bank that employs less thieves?  Let me know.

Oh well, Fifth Third Bank is a CPZ anyway.  Off to a new bank now, but which one?

I'd urge anybody who does business there to take their accounts elsewhere.  You can tell how moral a company is by how they treat the average person.  1 trip to the gas pump and you might be next, that's what I did ($4.67 overdraft).

I'm not hurting financially from this.  I'm just angered from it.  I feel like I've been burgled (yes I said burgled).  It makes me wonder what effect these policies and fees could have on hard working people who are barely making ends meet.

A daily fee of $33.00 is inexcusable.


Geoff said...

'h8 socialism but i also h8 corporatism' wut

suck it up and open an account with a credit union.

Alex said...

I closed my account at 5/3rd in 2004. I went to college at UC in cincinnati. My job after college moved me to Chicago. I had $19 and some change in my account. I tried to close it over the phone, but they wouldn't, and I promptly forget about it.

A few months later, got a statement that said they had charged me a $5 inactivity fee. Again called, told them I lived 300 miles from nearest bank and wanted to close my account. Was told that I had to do it in person. And promptly forgot about it. Didn't even get statements.

Fast forward two years. Started getting phone calls from a collection agency saying I owed money to 5/3rd bank. Finally called the bank and found out I owed them over $600. Basically, they kept charging me a $5 inactivity fee. With the 4th charge of the fee, I went negative, and then the overdraft fee's started.

Needless to say, I called a bank manager who was a family friend and I ended up working it all out. They sent me a check for $14 and some change, and reversed all the fees, except for the first one. I told them that I would never bank with them again.

I have now moved back to Ohio, and we bank with USBank. Pretty happy with them for the past 3 years.