Thursday, September 3, 2009

The life of a secret (insurance) agent

It's not exciting.  I talk on the phone...all day.

Seriously, I'd rather be building a roof right now.

On the bright side though,  three years of this sitting job and I still don't have the slightest indication of "chair ass".  Too bad it's still a CPZ.

When will they realize that it's not legality that governs behavior, but personal morality?  Bad and crazy people do bad and crazy things, law abiding "good" people deal with the consequences of both the bad/crazy people and the artificial limitations placed on them by the ignorant.

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sanbera said...

"Full Coverage with a deductible for medical is what I want, ma'am."

These are the type of issues that Bryan and myself (an agent that also avoided ass growth) iron out all day.


I'm willing to bet you (yes, you reading this) don't know what would happen if you caused an accident.

Mazel Tov for knowing and implementing the second amendment... Do Bryan and myself a favor... stop jumping the gun (haha), know the laws of something that actually applies to your everyday life.. i.e. driving your damn car... then move on to guns.

I have my permit to carry. Because I understand my life, renters, auto health and credit junk first.

500,000 CSL baby

Glock soon enough.